Driver: Hans Olav Olstad. Born 19.08.65. Have been into dragracing since 1994. Started in Super twin Top Fuel class 2003. Work 50% in North Sea, and 50% in a local machine construction company.

Sience, Clutch and Data Programmer: Axel Birk, daily work with automation, water-cutting and progamming in his own company GB-Tech

Mechanic: Flemming Lunden, have been into motor sports since 1985, scooter cross. Work as a handy-man on own gas station in Tydal. Sells everything and repair everything.

Mechanic/ Spirit Spreader: Kenneth Fossum. Loves to blast different stuff. Work as a truck driver.

Market and management coordinator, handyman and driver: Sven Erik Solberg. Work as a logistic coordinator.

Mechanic: Jon Anders Øiom. Young and talented man with big love for old American steel, also called cars. Work as a car mechanic

Mechanic: Tommy Voll. Imported from Odal´n to Toten. Previous work in Norwegian army as a mechanic, on biiiig trucks. Daily in school to learn something new.

Mechanic: Steinar Børresen. Daily work as mechanic on a lokal factory. Previous Manager on Hekshus Camping.

Mechanic and Driver: Bjørn Nordrum. Handyman been in the business for years. Lend out from TJH Racing Team for irresolute time.

Anne Marit Dalen. In relationship with Hans Olav. Makes the worlds best waffles, and for some reason always happy..

Benedicte Olstad.
Hans Olav’s daughter, born in 1998, have make sounds since. Hope to one day have a engine move her to the school.

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