In 1994, I started to race with my streetbike. A Harley Davidson with a 1780ccm evolution engine.

Uplining on gardermoen, together with team members from Hawgs Racing.

I use the same bike all years up to 1999 when I got a 2 place in the streetbike cup. Best ET was 10,55, and 214 km/h

During wintertime 1999/00 I was able to buy a used chassie, and a Top Gas bike was born. With no money left to buy a gearbox, the sollution was taken to try out a variator from a competition snowmobile. After a hard season with lot of work, it was no success. Chassie and engine was sold and give the start to a Super Twin Top Fuel bike.

2003, Scared with a heart pumping 200 strokes, I did my first run on a Supertwin bike on Valle raceway Norway. What a feeling!!!

I got my first team, and the season went real good. We reach the final in UEM at Mantorp Park, but the final sadly raind out. We finnish on 13 place in UEM championship this year.

Big surprise, I win the first UEM event on Santa Pod England, and was the first Norwegian to win a UEM event in Super Twin Top Fuel.

This season I vin the Nordic Championship, 2 place in sweedish Championship, and I ended as number 4 in European Championship.

2005 We purchase the first racing buss, a 1973 model Volvo. After hours of work it was ready for use.

This season we did a 3, 2 and 1 place in the UEM Championship. I win my second victory on Santa Pod England, and total ended number 2 in the European Championship.

2006 Very happy we finaly bought this nice 1987 mod. retired buss. With som help we painted outside ...

...and rebuid inside, during the season. This gone be the teams racing buss for the future.

2006 With new clutch, removed gearbox and a whole new setup, we get a hard start on the season. We worked hard the whole year and finaly set a new pesonal best end time with 6.83 sec. Ended up as no.5 in the European Championship.

2007: The burning year gives the bike name LIGHTNING. Lifted the engine heads several time, and big trouble with crank pulley. The bus collapsed in England. Hard work for everybody pays off at the end of the season with personal best 6,67, and a in the European Championship.

2007: Norwegian Champion, elected as the best racing team by NDRG for newer giving up.

2008: The big BANG. After 2 place in UEM Finland we totally damaged the engine on Mantorp. Big trouble with crank main bearings.

2008: We manage to make a personal best on 60 ft. 1.08 second, and 4,41 on 1/8 mile. Three of five events rained out and we ended as no.4 in the European Championship.

2009: Back in bussiness, two times no.1 qualifyer in UEM. Bad luck in several events, but it gives us lots of information for use in the future.

2009: Highlight, winner of Drag Challenge Gardermoen, Norway. Sadly we blow the clutch in pieces in the Finals at Santa Pod England.

2010: Best season ever. No.2 total in UEM. Big setback with ignition problems in Main Event, England, and a broken crank in Norwegian Championship at Gardermoen. Victory in Finland and overall good result shows we can fight for the championship, also in to the future.

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